It was a delight to style hair for this lovely video in March. Not only does it highlight the beautiful Athelhampton House and Gardens but captures the wonder of a wedding through the eyes of a child.

As wedding suppliers we remember how these memories set our imaginations on fire, leading us to want to always have a part to play in that magic.

Our collective dream was to create something to stir the same sense of childlike joy in all of you.

Days after we had filmed, the world was asked to stay home. Weddings were postponed and life changed abruptly; suddenly the message behind our project was transformed …

“We love the job that we do, and we cannot wait to get back to your weddings as soon as it’s safe. The waiting will be so worth it, we promise. The memories you make will be even sweeter, each moment of happiness will be intensified and we will meet each gathering and union with more gratitude and love than ever before.”

This charm of this video is one simple message from everyone involved:

“May you rejoin the world with as much wonder and awe as you felt when you first greeted it.”

A magical collaboration between


Venue Dressing: Swingletree Vintage
Hair Styling: Laura Mackenzie Hair Design
Athelhampton House & Gardens, Dorchester

The Venue

Athelhampton House & Gardens
Athelhampton, Dorchester DT2 7LG